Longhua County Chinese Medicine Hospital was founded in 1982, it is a prominent Chinese characteristics, Integrative Medicine Hospital of comprehensive secondary level, the county people charged with the Chinese medical, prevention, health care, first aid and Chinese medicine education, research community health mission and Longhua town nine streets five villages, health education. June 1996 was awarded the “secondary hospital of Chinese medicine,” Health Ministry of the State Administration of TCM. He has repeatedly won the provincial, city and county “civilized unit” honor and Chengde City “Drug trust units” title. It was identified as “public health hospitals” and “rural cooperative medical designated hospitals.” 1998 Longhua been approved by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine for the national rural work is advanced county, Longhua Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the rural construction advanced counties played a “leading” role of rural Chinese medicine network.
The hospital has a staff of 125 people, including 114 health technicians, health technicians in the deputy chief physician, senior technical staff of 15 people, intermediate title 22 people, first job titles 77 people; 18 undergraduate degree, college education 19 people, college educated 52 people.
Hospital covers an area of 4800 square meters, outpatient building, inpatient building, logistics buildings and other buildings with a total area 4698 square meters. Handsome magnificent antique building of hospitals into outpatient and inpatient area district. Set up emergency clinics, inside and outside, women, children, facial, ophthalmology, anorectal, orthopedics, acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage and other 11 clinical departments and radiology, ECG, EEG, ultrasound diagnostics, CT, tests, endoscopy, blood Flow maps feature eight medical departments. Chinese medicine treatment of kidney disease, integrative medicine treatment of cardiovascular diseases, orthopedics, rheumatism, infertility specialist has been formed. In particular, a greater impact on the local infertility specialist, has become the center of the county treatment of infertility. Hospital wards have 100 beds, located within children, outside (with bone), gynecology (including obstetrics) three wards.

The hospital has the United States PR body CT, Hungary 500 mA X-ray machine remote control cradle, C-arm, endoscopy, South Korea, the computer automatically extracting machine, ECG workstation million yuan medical equipment more than 20 Taiwan. Fixed assets amounted to more than 720 million.
“Prominent Chinese characteristics, adhere to integrative medicine, rely on scientific and technological progress, high starting point, high-level, high-quality, specialty brand, service the majority of patients” is the direction Hospital of running the hospitals; the “all patient-centered” is our consistent service concept. In order to better carry out full, full, full range of services, our hospital began to implement the recent “telephone counseling, outpatient appointment” system; set up a “one-stop service center”; opened a “convenient medical services morning.” Regulate medical practices, warm and thoughtful service, so Hospital of increasing the volume of business, now an amount of about 290 outpatient and emergency visits per day, bed utilization rate of 70%, disease cure and improvement rate of more than 98%, patient satisfaction at 98% the above. 2004 revenues were $ 630 million.
Hospital attaches great importance to scientific research in recent years, winning a number of research hospitals.Medicine “O Trane” treatment of hepatitis B clinical studies provincial Health Department of Science and Technology Achievement Award; clinical research clinical research medicine “Changle secret Wizard” treatment of premature ejaculation, medicine “malice health” treatment of viral myocarditis provincial Department of Health Science and Technology Achievements, Third; medicine “lipid-lowering diet pill” treatment of hyperlipidemia and weight loss clinical study results of the provincial Science and Technology Commission of Science and Technology; clinical application of traditional Chinese medicine, “Towne nephritis pill” treatment of acute and chronic nephritis, medicine ” “Clinical study of the treatment of peripheral neuritis, Chinese medicine,” God Yan Ling Dan Ninth regenerative “treatment of liver cancer clinical research has been approved at the provincial Science and Technology Commission. Chinese medicine, “menstruation seed pill” treatment of infertility clinical research program in 2006 at the provincial Science and Technology project; medicine “four flavor powder” summer diarrhea treatment of pediatric clinical research, medicine “Three vine soup” Clinical Rheumatoid Arthritis research, medicine “Qu Dan ringworm 1-3” clinical research has been approved for treating psoriasis in the City Commission.
The development of Chinese medicine hospital will be better technology and better services for the life and health of the majority of patients escort.